Khanyi Mbau: Imagine having one of the world’s sexiest cars attached to your legacy

Khanyi Mbau set some things straight.
Khanyi Mbau set some things straight.
Image: Instagram/Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau has defended her legacy, asking haters how they will be remembered when they are gone.

The actress took to Twitter recently to muse on her impact on the game and addressed her critics for a young minute.

She told them that no matter what they thought of her, she would always be synonymous with the Lamborghinis she used to race around Joburg in.

“Forget what you think of me, but imagine your past always having one of the world's sexiest cars attached to it!”

She added that she did not care what shade was thrown at her, she had a legacy that few would be able to match.

“F**k what you think! Drag it all out, shade it too! Get all the trees in the forest toss them at me! So, what’s your past attached too?” she asked.

She then turned the sermon to society's obsession with trying to fit in and said the key to success was in being different.

“We are so consumed in trying to fit in and blending in to avoid unwanted attention due to being different. The f**ing recipe is actually being rare! It’ll tip the scale in such a ridiculous way!”

We stay taking notes, sis!