Palesa Madisakwane: Be careful who you let into your life, they can pull you down with them

Palesa Madisakwane is not about fake or toxic relationships.
Palesa Madisakwane is not about fake or toxic relationships.
Image: Palesa Madisakwane via Instagram

TV personality and businesswoman Palesa Madisakwane has “learnt the hard way” when it comes to toxic relationships and has warned her followers about those who want to bring you down with them.

The actress shared her two cents on toxic friendships on Instagram recently, urging her followers to be mindful of whom they allow in their space or spend their time with.

In a rather direct and to the point post, Palesa said, “Be very careful of the people you allow into your life. Some people carry spiritual burdens and if you spend time with them they will rub off on you.”

She added that spending time in a toxic type of friendship or relationship will only result in setting one back in life.

“They are a setback in your life and they will pull you down with them. Be careful the relationships and friendships you keep, some people out there are bitter and angry and they will do anything to pull you down. Stay away from such relationships. I learnt the hard way.”

Palesa's comments come just days after DJ and reality TV star Pinky Girl spoke out on jealousy and envy.

Pinky warned her followers to be wary of fake friends and not fall for their tricks, after she told those who were jealous of her and her hustle that they needed help.

“Don't let opportunists deceive you because they do what you like. Pay attention.” she wrote.

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