Shimza apologises for telling a fan to stop 'harassing' him

Shimza was called to order by Twitter users.
Shimza was called to order by Twitter users.
Image: Instagram/ Shimza

DJ Shimza found himself in the middle of a massive social media storm over the weekend after he asked a fan to stop “harassing" him. 

The hitmaker had Twitter DEEP in the feels when he responded to DJ Ceega Wa Meropa's request to feature on his Channel O lockdown live gigs by telling the upcoming DJ he should stop hounding him.

“You need to stop harassing me, it’s annoying," Shimza said, adding that the DJ was always blowing up his mentions with requests.

Social media users slammed  Shimza for being “rude” and called for the muso to be boycotted.

As the hashtag #ShimzaMustFall topped the Twitter trends list, Shimza apologised for his comments.

“I apologise for snapping at you, especially because I am a hustler myself. I should have been more understanding. It was in no way a personal attack or anything of the sort.

“Once again guys, I apologise to everyone I have offended. I must always remember to hold myself to a higher standard. Marumo fatse,” he wrote.

Even politicians, including EFF leader Julius Malema and former party spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, weighed in by defending Shimza.

Julius urged Shimza not to be moved by “rubbish” and to keep working hard.

“Never be shaken by rubbish young man. You worked very hard to be where you are and can't be destroyed by those who suffer from self-hate. Apology accepted, now continue playing good music,” Malema wrote.

Mbuyiseni said Shimza was just being “human”.

It all ended well for DJ Ceega Wa Meropa, who was also hooked up with a residency on Gagasi FM, courtesy of a request by DJ Black Coffee.