Criselda Kananda on surviving Covid-19 pneumonia: I feared for my life

Criselda Kananda has opened up about her recent health challenges.
Criselda Kananda has opened up about her recent health challenges.
Image: Instagram/ Criselda Kananda

Media personality Criselda Kananda has opened up about a recent health scare that left her fearing that she would lose her life.

The media personality took to Instagram to share that she's recovering from Covid-19 pneumonia after being admitted to hospital, where she fought for her life. 

“I survived Covid-19 pneumonia,” Criselda said in the caption of her picture from hospital.

In the picture, Criselda can be seen sitting upright on what looks like a hospital bed with machines all around her, saying she is grateful for the gift of life after surviving the deadly virus and its related effects. She thanked the intensive care unit staff at Sunninghill Hospital for their care and dedication to her health while she was there.

Criselda took the opportunity to caution her fans and to remind them to stay safe as there is a resurgence in Covid-19 cases in the country.

“Thank you Sunninghill Hospital ICU staff for the care and dedication. Covid-19 symptoms keep changing. Please keep being vigilant, we are under siege.”

The media personality said she still needed the courage to fully share her experience but thanked God for keeping her alive and her family and friends for their support and prayers.

“To my friends and family, thank you for the prayers. For the first time, even I feared for my life. I still need courage and counselling to share my entire experience. God is real. God is good,” she shared.

Criselda's comment section was filled with messages of love and light as her friends and fans wished her a speedy recovery.

Actress Winnie Ntshaba said, “Oh sis, we thank God for sparing your life. We truly are living by grace.”

“Uliqhawe my twin. Your fight for the right to enjoy all the days God has sanctioned for you is remarkable. And yes, good medical aid makes all the difference,” Khanyi Magubane added.

Actress Sophie Lichaba said, “We love and continue keeping you in our prayers.”

Criselda, who has been living with HIV for more than two decades now, opened up about her health last year, saying it was deteriorating. 

In commemoration of World Aids Day, the radio personality penned an emotional message of how testing and trying living through the global pandemic has been for her as a person living with HIV.

Having had to start a course of antiretroviral medication (ARVs) in May 2020, the radio personality highlighted how tough the year was for her after 22 years of living a healthy life with HIV.

“This year for the first time was the hardest. In the 22 years of living healthily with HIV infection I could have never anticipated that I’d have my heart broken and the feeling of betrayal would lead me to a weak immune system, post traumatic disorder, ICU hospitalisation and for prevention of possible exposure to the coronavirus I made the decision to start ARVs,” Criselda said at the time.