Vuyo Ngcukana calls out SA men: They're more concerned about tweeting for clout than moisturising

Vuyo Ngcukana has a bone to pick with Mzansi men!
Vuyo Ngcukana has a bone to pick with Mzansi men!
Image: Instagram/Vuyo Ngcukana

The Queen star Vuyo Ngcukana has come for SA men in his latest fiery clap back, claiming they are more concerned about Twitter than cleaning up their acts. 

His hot take came after a tweep said SA men are hilarious but couldn’t have it all when it comes to positive traits.

Picking up on the conversation, Vuyo took the opportunity to call out SA men for not taking time for self-improvement, like using moisturiser. 

They are concerned about tweeting for clout instead of starting with improving themselves by moisturising their whole body,” said Vuyo.

This led to discussion on the star's tweet, with many laughs and agreements thrown about.

The actor went for the jugular, claiming men will consume expensive liquor without any concern for their wardrobe.

“Amajita will guzzle bottles of Hennessy on the weekend but rotate three pairs of underpants the whole year, imagine. We must just love ourselves a little,” wrote Vuyo.

Vuyo isn't the only celeb who has taken to social media to slam men.

Media personality Siv Ngesi recently claimed, in his bid to end period poverty, that if men had periods sanitary pads would be free.

“I always believe that if men bled once a month, sanitary products would be free,” said Siv.