Rasta's ode to late Nokuzola 'Sis Ouma' Mlengana gets a 'hell no' from Twitter

Fans have really come for Rasta's painting skills this time!
Fans have really come for Rasta's painting skills this time!
Image: Twitter/Rasta the Artist

Controversial celebrity painter Rasta the Artist has Mzansi barking down his throat after failing to correctly capture late actress Nokuzola Mlengana in his tribute portrait.

Though this is pretty standard by now, Rasta the portraitist has managed to yet again ruffle feathers in his latest dedication, as he paid tribute to Skeem Saam's Nokuzola Mlengana.

The actress died after succumbing to pneumonia on July 12.

And with no surprise to any Twitter fiend, SA took to the reply section of the tweet to hit back at Rasta's depiction of the late actress.

Users felt that Rasta needs a new gig and painting public figures isn't working out for him.

Other tweeps thought that Rasta's painting had an uncanny resemblance to Leon Schuster's Mama Jack and joked that he may have used that character as reference.

Here are some of the responses:

Unfortunately, due to the number of celebrities who have died in the past few months, Rasta has been a busy man.

Recently, the painter also took it upon himself to pay tribute to Soweto-born celeb chef Lesego Semenya a.k.a Les Da Chef, who succumbed to Covid-19-related complications on July 12.

After his passing, Rasta took to Twitter with his painting of the SA food pioneer.

Though he was met with his usual contention and hit back, some tweeps felt that Rasta's painting skills were slowly but surely improving over time.

Have a look at the painting here: