WATCH | Manaka Ranaka reunited with her son after testing negative for Covid-19

Actress Manaka Ranaka has tested negative for Covid-19.
Actress Manaka Ranaka has tested negative for Covid-19.
Image: Instagram/ Manaka Ranaka

Actress Manaka Ranaka has revealed she tested negative for Covid-19.

Taking to Instagram recently, Manaka posted a video of her reunion with her son after being in quarantine, and happily shared the news with her followers.

“Mommy’s negative. I missed these juicy lips. We just came from getting tested. They said we’re negative and it won’t be necessary to test the child if we’re both negative,” she said.

In similar news, gospel star Bucy Radebe also recently revealed she and her husband Thapelo Thoboke had tested negative for Covid-19. 

“After a long Covid-19 battle, I’m glad to say we both tested negative this past week, though hubby’s lungs and respiratory system will take some time to fully recover due to damage left by pneumonia,” she wrote in an Instagram post. 

Bucy told TshisaLive they are recovering after their long battle with Covid-19 and wanted people to understand the severity of the coronavirus.

“This thing is real. When it started we thought this thing was a joke and that it doesn't exist but it’s real. It’s important that we protect ourselves and protect others. I  want to thank my family and followers for their prayers and messages because we wouldn’t have broke through without them,” she said.