Amapiano Awards 'raising funds' for Mpura & Killer Kau's funerals

The Amapiano Awards pay tribute to Killer Kau and Mpura.
The Amapiano Awards pay tribute to Killer Kau and Mpura.
Image: Instagram/ Killer Kau/ Mpura

Non-profit organisation Amapiano Awards is working towards starting an initiative to  support Amapiano artists after a tragic car crash that took the lives of young stars.  

In a statement shared with TshisaLIVE, the organisation said it was in communication with companies to assist them with raising funds that will ensure that Killer Kau, Mpuru and other artists in the future receive funeral cover, disability benefits and travel “insurance” when commuting to their gigs.

“In paying tribute to the two heroes (Killer Kau and Mpura) that have contributed immensely within the entertainment industry and as part of our efforts to promote and preserve the rich legacy that they crafted, Amapiano Awards are in conversations with financial services companies to create a facility that will assist in ensuring that our artists receive funeral cover and disability benefits.”

Killer Kau, Mpuru, Khanya Hadebe and three other people died on Saturday after being involved in a fatal car crash.

Talking to TshisaLIVE, the founder and director of the awards, Famida 'Faye' Omar, said families of artists also deserved to be free of financial burden when their loved ones died doing what they love.

“It's about financial planning for the entertainers. We are trying to raise funds as much as we can so that we can make sure that in future unfortunate circumstances like this will give these families time to mourn and not worry about the financial burdens,” she said.

“Artists go to places and try to do gigs, and then they are fatigued ... We give international celebrities so much leeway but our South African artists we treat with no leeway and dignity,” she added.

Meanwhile, contributions to assist Khanya 'The Voice' Hadebe's family after his passing are under way as celebrities have been sharing a post made by a local Instagram user which provides account details for those willing to assist.

The Major League DJs also shared that they are planning to have a Balcony Mix in Mpura's honour, revealing that they had last spoke to the amapiano star the night before he passed away as they were working on their next project together.

“Mpura was a guy that just wanted to see everything happen. That’s all he wanted. He had so much to prove and his drive scared us at times. So different, and didn’t mind taking on a challenge ... Mpura we going to release this balcony mix because that's all you really wanted especially from us,” they wrote.