Kim Jayde excited about season 2 of her sneaker lovers’ show

‘I’ve saved every cent to make it bigger and better than the last’

Media personality Kim Jayde took money from her life savings to create a new season of her passion show.
Media personality Kim Jayde took money from her life savings to create a new season of her passion show.
Image: Instagram/Kim Jayde

Kim Jayde is gearing up for the second season of Kickin It With Kim Jayde, and we got to chat to the media personality about it all.

The former MTV Base presenter has been taking strides since leaving Viacom, and has been on a journey of growing her personal brand and production company.

Kickin It With Kim Jayde, which premiered late last year, is a YouTube show that features renowned personalities in the entertainment industry speaking about their love for sneakers and letting us into their personal lives as individuals, artists and entrepreneurs. 

“As much as it is a show that brings together sneaker lovers, the conversations are very wide and vast. Season one was crazy. We had the most epic guests from all over the globe. In season two I’m definitely localising Blxckie, Costa Titch, Shekinah, and DJ Doo Wop,” she said, naming a few of the guests who will appear on the show. 

The next season is set to be bigger and better. Kim Jayde said she’s been working tirelessly to make sure of that.

“It’s a lot of preproduction. I’ve been in pre-production for the past three months. I script it, direct it, produce it, I host it and I cast it. With this season I wanted to make sure we have better gear, better equipment and a bigger crew.” 

Last year, Kim Jayde started with three people on her team. She said this year there are seven people on her team and she is happy to finally employ more young creatives in her company, and it’s all because she's invested in her brand.

“There’s no money from YouTube. All my money is from my Kim Jayde brand that I’m building. I take money from my personal savings and put it all into my business. I think that is very important as a young entrepreneur, also as a young woman of colour, to be able to back myself.”

Getting other brands involved in her production has been the hardest part, but that does not make her wish she could return to working solely for MTV Base. 

“I don’t have a single regret. It was a long decision I was struggling with because,  obviously, I had been working there for more than three years. They helped me grow and learn. There’s so much I learnt in production. 

“Leaving was very difficult because it was guaranteed income, and it was being on TV, and that’s everyone's dream. I thought I had to try it out on my own and luckily by the time I left I had amazing relationships with brands. People understand what I’m trying to do with my business,” she said.