Ntsiki Mazwai 'attacks' Bonang's MCC empire: 'She's just the marketing gimmick'

Ntsiki Mazwai claims Bonang does not own her alcoholic beverage.
Ntsiki Mazwai claims Bonang does not own her alcoholic beverage.
Image: Instagram/ Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai took a jab at Bonang Matheba's alcoholic beverage claiming — once again -that she does not own it.

The controversial poet and activist took to Twitter on Monday lambasting Bonang Matheba's BNG alcoholic beverage in a series of tweets. 

“Believing Bonang owned the wine was like believing she owned Revlon... She is just the marketing gimmick to sell these products. Not the owner.” she wrote.

Ntsiki also went on to allege that every BNG supporter was merely supporting the “white man” behind the brand and not the media personality.

"... you're supporting the white man B works for ... The white man who pays her for her influencer role.” she wrote.

“This is not black excellence ... It's greed and selfishness.”

This is not the first time Ntsiki has come after Bonang and her business moves.

For years now, Ntsiki has been taking shots at Bonang, who has decided on those multiple occasions to ignore every jab. 

But while Bonang is busy living it up in the States while her different business ventures — including her MCC empire — continues to rake in money, Ntsiki is still not convinced that Bonang's business move should be “classified” as black excellence.

In her recent rant, Ntsiki referred to a social media conversation where trolls wondered which vineyard Bonang owned, in order to substantiate her claims of being owner of House of BNG bevs. 

“Remember how you dragged me and swore at me when I said this when it came out? You couldn't piece together that there was no wine farm or anything,” she wrote.

After receiving backlash from trolls on social media for her comment, Ntsiki went on to say that she is an entrepreneur that owns all her products, so she could share her opinion on the matter.

“Entrepreneurship is what I'm doing with my beadwork ... Where I own the whole value chain for my product and make ALL the decisions. Pricing, marketing, design, pay workers. Everything. It is not this cut and paste your name onto other people's products,” she added.