'I miss you' — LootLove shares tribute post to her late brother after a year

Media personality LootLove (left) lost her baby brother Luke at about this time last year.
Media personality LootLove (left) lost her baby brother Luke at about this time last year.
Image: Instagram/LootLove

A year after the tragic loss of her baby brother Lukhanyiso, media personality LootLove has reflected on how she's dealt with the emotional year and how she continues to miss her brother.

Taking to Instagram to mark the occasion, LootLove posted a beautiful picture of her late brother and a heartfelt caption, wherein she expressed her sadness at his physical absence and her gratitude that she still feels his presence in other aspects.

365 days of a different perspective. 365 days of learning this new language between us until we’re of the same design again. It’s beautiful how much you still continue to teach me, my 11. I miss you, I love you so much but today I want to thank you for waking me up, for holding me down, for reminding me of what’s real.

“I feel you, I 'see' you, I hear you and I understand. Keep shining your ethereal light Lukhanyiso, I’ll keep doing the same ... til the next lifetime, wherever it may be.”

A heartbroken LootLove took to social media last year in October to share the sad news that her baby brother, Lukhanyiso Shosha, known fondly as Luke, had died. 

Light of my life. My heart is in shambles. I love you so so so so damn much. I would do anything, anything to bring you back,” LootLove said.

LootLove expressed her heartbreak on her platforms, revealing her disbelief and sadness that her children's uncle is gone. The cause of Luke's death remains unclear.

Loot's fans have continued to shower her with love and light every time the realities of losing her sibling hit.