Sbahle Mpisane thanks her friend who survived shark attack for inspiration

Caleb Swanepoel lost his leg in 2015 while surfing with his siblings

Sbahle Mpisane on finding inspiration throughout her healing journey.
Sbahle Mpisane on finding inspiration throughout her healing journey.
Image: Instagram/ Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle Mpisane has opened up about how her surfer friend who survived a shark attack motivates her to keep going.

The fitness enthusiast and reality TV star was involved in a car accident in 2018 which left her with broken bones and nearly claimed her life. Since then Sbahle has been sharing her healing journey with her fans on social media.

Sbahle said while her recovery journey has been gradual, she has looked up to Caleb Swanepoel, who lost his leg in a shark attack in June 2015 while surfing with his siblings.

“Many things have inspired me throughout my recovery phase and have given me reasons to look at life wholly. When asked who inspired me the most, how can I narrow down to one pivotal person who made a difference more than others? My friend, surfer and shark attack survivor Caleb Swanepoel, he stands out as someone,” she wrote.

Sbahle shared a conversation she had with Caleb when discussing their tragic experiences and how he wanted his journey to help disabled people.

“Caleb said: ‘Something I take away from my shark attack is to value what you’ve been given. I think a lot of the time we take our bodies for granted. I want to show people that your disability doesn’t define you — it’s just part of you. Take your time and flow like water’.”