The drive-in: reimagined & returning to the Audi of the future

The tech-rich inside of the Audi e-tron prototype
The tech-rich inside of the Audi e-tron prototype
Image: Supplied

Audi announced yesterday that the new on-the-road entertainment that it will be integrating into a luxury sedan for CES 2019 will be a movie theater, no less.

As cars become more autonomous, car manufacturers are going to have to think of new ways to keep passengers entertained while traveling. For the upcoming 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in January, Audi will be converting the inside of a sedan into a movie theater – how's that for in-car entertainment?

The company believes that this type of extreme vehicle entertainment, which it's calling "Audi In-Car Entertainment," is the future of car design, especially since upcoming Audi models are predicted to be intensely connected. Travelling in an Audi will be just as much fun as it is a mode of transportation.

The car can basically be turned into a cinema when the vehicle is stationary; according to Audi, it's the "next-generation drive-in movie theater."

This tech may be the project that Audi was collaborating with Disney on; two weeks ago, both companies claimed to have created a completely new type of media. We'll find out shortly, when the outcome of this partnership as well as the in-car theater are unveiled at CES 2019.