Subaru teases new 2020 Legacy ahead of Chicago Show

Subaru teases 2020 Legacy cabin.
Subaru teases 2020 Legacy cabin.
Image: Supplied

Accompanying an extremely brief announcement by Subaru stating that it would be revealing the 2020 Legacy at the Chicago Auto Show next week, the company shared two five- and six-second teaser clips on Twitter of the upcoming model: one of the high-tech cabin and another of the shadowed, gray exterior.

Subaru has given us not one but two 2020 Legacy teasers just six days before its official reveal in Chicago next week.

The first clip that was posted to Twitter is a six-second video of a dim spotlight making its way across the  shadowed body of the new Legacy. Under these conditions, we can vaguely see the left side of the grille, an illuminated headlight, and the frame of both the driver and back passenger windows. At the very back, we can see a sliver of the red taillight that appears to resemble that of the 2019 model.

The second teaser, which is just five-seconds long, presents the front cabin with a focus on the portrait-oriented digital infotainment system lit in the same dim fashion as the exterior. On the touchscreen display, we can see that Sirius XM is playing at the top and below that are nine square icons including those labeled radio, map, phone, and apps. Below these tabs is a collections of basic car information like speed and climate control status. On the left and right sides of the screen are physical buttons that appear to control the emergency lights, defrosters, and temperature.

Above the main screen, we can see what looks to be a slim display bar which, in this image, is apparently off. We have to wait until next week to find out what this does, unless another teaser hits Twitter before February 7.

The powertrain has yet to be revealed, but the 2019 edition was outfitted with a 190kW six-cylinder engine with all-wheel drive coming standard with the model.