WATCH | Hoverbike crashes during testing

The Hoversurf Scorpion.
The Hoversurf Scorpion.
Image: Supplied

In a bid to ease traffic congestion and shorten commuting times, there are a number of companies working on large drones that are big enough to carry people.

One of them is the Russian-made Hoversurf Scorpion flying motorcycle, which has just suffered a dramatic crash in Dubai while a prototype was being tested.

The crash was captured on video. After a smooth take-off in a parking lot to a height of about 30 metres, the Hoversurf starts bucking back and forth like a rodeo horse, leading the pilot to lose control and crash-land on the tar.

Fortunately the test pilot wasn't hurt, though that's something of a miracle given that the contraption has four exposed propellers spinning dangerously close to the rider's limbs.

Hoversurf reported that the barometer failed and led to the crash, and that “all safety systems worked well”.

They may however want to have another look at the design of those exposed propellers, which look like an amputation waiting to happen.

The barometer in Dubai refused and an accident occurred - a dowh from a height of 30 meters. All safety systems worked well, and the pilot was not injured. Safety is our main concern. It is thanks to such incidents that our designs are becoming more safe.

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