SVI brings anti-riot protection to the Toyota Hilux

The SVI Hilux is perfect for riot-control situations.
The SVI Hilux is perfect for riot-control situations.
Image: Supplied

Local armoured car experts SVI Engineering is now offering an anti-riot solution for the popular Toyota Hilux single cab bakkie. According to the Pretoria-based firm this conversion provides the security industry a cost-effective option of carrying up to eight people in areas with a high ballistic threat level. Applications include mining security, transport of guards, extracting people from dangerous situations and riot control. 

A nimble and reliable alternative to older-generation armoured personnel carriers, this robust Hilux has a cabin protected by the SVI B6 Stopgun armouring kit that covers the glass, body and roof surrounding the occupants – enough to stop 7.62x51 mm rifle rounds.

Meanwhile, the canopy is manufactured from special armoured steel providing B4+ ballistic protection against the infamous AK47 assault rifle. This unit bolts to the chassis of the vehicle and provides six seats with seatbelts, windows with gun ports, an escape hatch and air conditioning for crew convenience. Run-flat tyre protection can be ordered as an option. To cope with the added weight, a suspension upgrade is provided as standard. 

As the vehicle may exceed the OEM carrying capacity of the donor vehicle, SVI had to homologate the Hilux to ensure that it is indeed safe for public road use. This included a brake, side-slope and visibility test at the Gerotek facility. The vehicle passed the criteria and is homologated to a GVM of 3,499kg, meaning that drivers with a standard car licence are able to pilot the anti-riot Hilux without any legal issues. 

In terms of pricing, the SVI Hilux fitted with B6 Stopgun cabin armour starts from R223,000 excluding VAT. The B4+ riot-control canopy starts at R271,000 excluding VAT. Clients are welcome to provide their own Hilux single cab bakkie for the conversion process. Pricing includes installation plus a one-year/50,000km SVI warranty.