WATCH | Truck driver letting go of the steering wheel and causes accident

Dashcam video footage emerged on social media of a truck driver letting go of the steering wheel to get something from the back of the truck. The truck then overturned. The incident occurred on the N4 on September 10 2018.

Camera footage shows the look of horror on truck driver’s face who stood up at 76km/h to rummage through his bags and nine seconds later realised he was about to crash.

"He stood up from the seat in the truck that he was driving‚ left the steering altogether‚ turned around to get his cellphone from the rear‚" the video‚ shared widely on social media‚ is captioned.

On Friday morning‚ the video had been viewed more than 37‚000 times and was shared by hundreds of viewers.

It showed how the driver tried to reach for something at the back of the truck but realising it was not within his grasp‚ casually stood up with the vehicle in motion and headed to the back.

A look of utter fear and panic can be seen on his face as he returns to the driver’s seat and realises that the truck has left the road.

The driver had fastened his seatbelt‚ but he had placed it on the seat behind his body‚ leaving him unsecured.

The driver is seen bouncing up and down on his seat as he wrestles for control until crashing.

It was alleged that the incident happened on the N4 but it was not immediately clear exactly when the incident happened.

TimesLIVE contacted the company from Witbank in Mpumalanga that owns the truck.

Asked about the condition of the driver‚ an agitated official from the company would not comment on the incident‚ saying it would be an “invasion” of its privacy.