Christian movies and series in store on FBN

An East London-based Christian television network has partnered with an international company to bring premium entertainment to its viewers.

The Faith Broadcasting Network (FBN), formerly known as Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), has entered into an agreement with Parables TV to have the latest in Christian entertainment broadcast on its channels.

Parables TV is the only network in the world that exclusively streams Christian movies, series and documentaries online.

Late last year the Daily Dispatch reported on the fallout between the Los Angeles-based Trinity Broadcasting International (TBNI) over “$10-million” (R122-million) the Americans claimed to have given Andre Roebert’s East London TV business, TBN Africa.

The war led to TBNI terminating all association, content rights and brand usage with TBN Africa.

In November last year, FBN underwent its rebranding, which also saw them getting rid of some of programmes.

FBN media services director Dr Waldo Malan said their partnership with Parables TV formed part of the rebranding strategy.

“As a Christian channel, we are always looking into bringing family-friendly, uplifting and inspiring content. Parable fits that category perfectly, it is their vision already.”

Malan said their deal with Parables TV was finalised last week.

Malan said they were also looking into introducing documentaries and other interesting programmes.

Malan said the partnership with Parables TV extended to all FBN channels, which included Faith Africa (DStv 341), Clear TV (Sentech/Vivid) and FlowTV (BSkyB UK).

“We are looking into having more than just one movie per week and we also want to rebroadcast the Saturday night movie during the week.”

Malan said they had also recently opened up free 90 minutes worth of airtime to African churches.

“This is an African channel by Africans for Africans. We want to include African churches as well in our programming,” he said.

Roebert, FBN’s chief executive, said: “It is an honour for us to partner with like-minded people and businesses across the globe, to firstly see the Kingdom of God extended and further to enhance the experience offered to our viewers.”

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