Shame of Ginsberg neglect

In less than a month, South Africans will mark the 39th commemoration of Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) activist Steve Biko’s lonely death in the hands of  police after being kept in solitary confinement.

This iconic Black Consciousness leader who died on  September 12 1977, is well-known for his contribution to the gruelling anti-apartheid struggle.

Thyali further said the roads infrastructure was dilapidated  and that “our township is one of the filthiest”.  He said recreation facilities were “close to non-existent, while unemployment was rife, resulting in alcohol binging and drug abuse among the youth. That is why crime is so high here”.

Sixolise  Gcwenya, a 25-year-old unemployed retail business management graduate from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, agreed. Gcwenya, who was raised by a single mom, said  youth in the area have  lost hope. He said there are a lot of unemployed graduates  in the township.

“Those who have studied, end up in taverns, abusing alcohol and drugs. Crime and pregnancies have escalated, all due to a lack of recreational facilities and job opportunities for young people.”