Zuma’s son goes on offensive over ‘pornographic’ artwork

President Jacob Zuma’s son Edward has denounced visual artist Ayanda Mabulu‚ who recently portrayed the politician being fellated in a painting called Pornography of Power.

“My message to Ayanda Mabulu is that President J.G Zuma is a parent and one is prepared to even defend him physically if need be‚” Edward Zuma said in a statement issued by email via the ANC’s parliamentary office.

He made this comment despite stating: “As the country we need to work together and be tolerant. We must remember that the constitution protects all persons”.

He also asserted: “Our father has never used force to silence his critics”.

Edward Zuma said his strongly worded statement was issued “following calls and messages from family members‚ relatives‚ friends and ordinary members of society”.

“Over the past three years‚ as the family we have endured humiliation that cannot be described as result of pornographic material aimed at tarnishing the image of my father and the president of the ANC and the Republic of South Africa J.G Zuma.” The president was previously depicted with his gentitals exposed in a painting called The Spear.

“…It is true that this country is facing many challenges but to say our father is raping and molesting the country is not only an insult to us as the family but to the whole country‚” Edward Zuma said.

He said he was “encouraged by the artists who have distanced themselves from the pornography of Ayanda Mabulu”.

“I am calling upon all artists to personally take responsibility to use their craft to consolidate the pace of building the foundation of a strong and vibrant nation where all of us can be proud to live together as citizens.”

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