Branch hits back at critic of ANC dispute handling

In the letters section of the Daily Dispatch on May 18, Siphiwo Klaas delivered a scathing attack on both the internal processes and integrity of

the ANC leadership in presiding over organisational processes. 

In the letter, Klaas argues that both the ANC’s provincial committee deployee Mlibo Qoboshyiane and the regional secretary of the ANC Queeny Ntantison’s branch Teris Ntutu, dismally failed to discharge their responsibilities as members of PEC and REC respectively.

He further asserted that Qoboshyiane misrepresented the PEC/provincial working committee with deliberate intent not to implement the PWC resolutions as related to Ward 9.

Klaas premised his letter by proclaiming that he was “a disciplined member of the ANC”.

Yet Klaas made no effort to inform ANC structur es about what he regards as flawed organisational processes.

This is despite knowing all the organisational avenues available for all ANC members to air their dissatisfaction.

He consciously chose to submit his organisational grievances for the attention of the Daily Dispatch congregation, an exercise that truly proves he is ill-disciplined and a renegade of note.

In attempting to respond to the fabricated lies he propagates, let us perhaps provide context to his fictional political world.

Klaas resigned from his political activism in Ward 9 wh en his dear wife Nonkazimlo Mlamla-Klaas was appointed by the ANC as Nkonkobe Municipality speaker of council in 2011.

This was the last time that Klaas actively engaged in organisational activities and programmes.

The Lazarus-style resurrection of Klaas the activist happened during the of Amathole list conference.

In an unprecedented move, members of the ANC confirmed their loyalty to the organisation and rejected the decade-long Mlamla-Klaas feudal dominance.

Subsequent to this rejection, members of the ANC were rejuvenated in their quest for political stability in Ward 9.

The commitment and willingness to preserve unity and cohesion in the ANC became evident as the spiritual owners of the movement partook in the organisational processes.

The rejection of the Mlamla-Klaas-led clique by the masses of our people repositioned the ANC as the people’s movement and any gatekeeping tendencies were severely crushed and defeated.

The public rant by Klaas and his audacity to cast aspersions on the political conduct of our leaders can only be defined as a last attempt to prove his worth in his household.

It is within this context that members of the ANC in Ward 9 continued to give support to the current interim branch committee and all resolutions of the RLC/PLC in relation to disputes lodged.

Our branch has been subjected to all forms of organisational processes including disputes and the verdicts pronounced by the upper structures have been communicated to all of us, including the complainants.

It should be noted that with regard to the verdict on the verification of membership, the PLC intervention affirmed national auditors to process the verification of the membership of Ward 9.

The audit report as commissioned by the national auditors confirmed the state of membership of Ward 9 and concluded that the 30 copies of membership forms be attached to the original forms, an exercise that the IBC performed with diligence.

The national auditors confirmed the Ward 9 membership to be in good standing with the IBC allowed to exercise its political responsibility.

The verdict of the PLC as well as the outcomes of the national auditors were all communicated to those who lodged a dispute in Ward 9.

The complainants were led by Klaas’s wife, who was always present in all the dispute proceedings.

Klaas did not feature nor participate in any of the disputes except as the spokesperson of his wife, as was evident in the letter published on May 18.

We should state categorically that during the realignment, his wife was not part of the branch executive committee (BEC), hence she could not form part of the IBC.

Thus, the question of leadership realignment was smoothly dealt with using the records available to confirm such a process, including the membership, as stated earlier on.

The notion of 17 membership forms being excluded is just another attempt to divert attention from the negligence that resulted in forms remaining in the boot of somebody’s car.

The IBC cannot take responsibility for this.

The claims have been made against the ANC leadership with a clear agenda to gain political mileage.

The deliberate attack on the leadership will not impact on the ANC’s ability to focus on important questions confronting the masses of our people.

It is however, a concern that when democratic processes are not favourable to individuals, they resort to insults and mudslinging aimed at denting the credibility of the ANC leadership.

We will not be deterred by such mischievous tendencies.

We have full support for the work done by both the RLC and PLC respectively.

As true disciplined members of the ANC, we will always respect decisions taken by our upper structures and abide by them.

Mphithizeli Saule, ANC Queeny Ntantison interim branch committee chairperson, ward 9, Nkonkobe sub-region

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