East London pupil uses his birthday money to make 200 sandwiches for the needy

Brad Blom
Brad Blom
In an act of kindness‚ an East London grade three pupil this week used the money that he received from his 9th birthday party so he could donate 200 sandwiches to the less fortunate for his school sandwich drive.

The Stirling Primary school has been running the Love Sandwich campaign for over five years where every Tuesday‚ each pupil is asked to donate a sandwich for charity.

Brad Blom‚ 9‚ is one of the pupils who have been heeding that call.

This Tuesday‚ however‚ he donated 200 sandwiches and bought six packets of fruit.

“He took his birthday money and made 200 sandwiches. This is quite fantastic‚” his teacher Loren Ferreira told Tiso Black Star Group Digital.

Brad told his school that his good deed stems from him feeling lucky to receive so much for his birthday.

“ ended up collecting more than 400 sandwiches‚” his teacher said.

The school donates the sandwiches to a school in Duncan Village.

Ferreira said the school expected the learners to donate willingly and “do it from their hearts” and there is no reward for it.

The school’s Facebook page‚ where Brad’s photo with the sandwiches was posted‚ was flooded with messages commending him for his effort.

Barbara-Dee Darne said: “That’s such a kind gesture. I too am privileged to have children in my class who on a daily basis make and bring sandwiches for those who are less fortunate. This gives me great hope for the future”.

“That is an amazing act of kindness. Well done young man‚” Hillary Peaston said.

Gill Staple-Leslie said: “That is wonderful Brad‚ what a challenge to us all to give generously to those who are not as fortunate as ourselves”.

“That was a very thoughtful way to share your birthday money. Maybe a retirement village would like something like this done for them? They don’t get very much to eat and it is said they don’t move enough to eat more. Supper at five and the next meal is eight next morning. Fifteen hours later! Just a thought for all of us!‚” wrote Kim Holman.

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