Boity opens up about the pitfalls of being a celebrity

In a telling interview with Talk Radio 702 this past weekend Boity opened up about the not so glamorous part about being in the spotlight.

The actress and TV personality‚ who has seen the good and the bad side of being in the limelight‚ says that being a ‘celebrity’ was never part of the plan for her.

In recent months alone Boity has had to deal with being under public scrutiny for all the wrong reasons.

At the annual South African Music Awards earlier this year‚ Boity became the talk of the town after an unfortunate shadow cast from her dress‚ was misinterpreted to be her private parts.

The actress quickly topped the Twitter trends list as users inundated the social media platform with a slew of unflattering comments.

During the interview Boity once again came out strongly against people ‘policing’ how celebrities should dress‚ comparing it to a form of body shaming.

“You trying to police how I should cover up my body lives in the same category of body shaming. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about someone having cellulite or having big thighs‚ it comes with the idea of you policing how I should dress and judging me according to what I look like.”

Boity added that being a celebrity is something that she’s learnt to embrace over time‚ and was not something that she was chasing.

“The only thing is that I want to act and I want to do whatever it is that I want to do. I didn’t know that it came with this but it’s something I’ve learned to embrace with time‚” she said.

Boity has also always been vocal about living life on her own terms and often advises her fans to do the same.

“When they can’t track your progress and weak points as a means to take ownership of your success‚ they try by all means to discredit you. But always remember...if the world did not give it to you‚ the world cannot take it from you‚” she recently said on Twitter.

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