Archbishop Desmond Tutu votes at Milnerton High School in Cape Town

Archbishop Desmond Tutu hopes that black people use the opportunity to vote‚ as the struggle icon cast his ballot earlier in the Democratic Alliance (DA) stronghold.

Tutu and wife Leah bypassed the long queue at Milnerton High School in Cape Town‚ with no one seeming to take issue with the preferential treatment‚ but rather taking photos of the “Arch”.

They sped off after the visit‚ but not before Tutu said it was “a dream” to be able to cast his vote‚ and that he hopes everyone uses it in the right way.

The couple thanked the crowd for allowing them through on the way in as they walked back to their car. Tutu’s trademark laugh could be heard as he said goodbye to the crowd and media.

Voter Mark Ross was excited to see the Tutus‚ and said he was looking forward to voting. “I am very happy with this area. The services are good‚” he said.

Robert Clarke said the Tutus lived down the road from his family. He was optimistic about the election. “I hope the service delivery we enjoy be can sustained and even improved‚ and that the whole community can benefit from them‚” he said.

Wife Jenny said the family had moved from Johannesburg a year ago and was very happy with the ward. – Tiso Black Star Group Digital/Parliament

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