‘I didn’t whip the white apartheid settler‚ but I wish I had’ - Qwabe defends using his ‘protest stick’

Rhodes Scholar Ntokozo Qwabe
Rhodes Scholar Ntokozo Qwabe
Rhodes Scholar Ntokozo Qwabe‚ who bragged about making a white waitress cry‚ wishes he had “whipped the white apartheid settler” during student protests at UCT where he was filmed lashing out at a person with a stick.

In a video posted on Twitter by @UCTLawStudents‚ Qwabe is seen lunging towards a student filming protesters with a stick which hits the phone recording him on Tuesday.


Qwabe‚ who previously also caused a stir by trying to have a statue of Rhodes removed from Oxford University‚ was unrepentant over the stick-wielding incident.

Qwabe posted on his Facebook page that it was: “NOT true that I ‘assaulted’ and ‘whipped with a stick’ a white student during our shutdown of the arrogant UCT Law Faculty yesterday!

“Although I wish I’d actually not been a good law abiding citizen & whipped the white apartheid settler colonial entitlement out of the bastard — who continued to video record us without our consent — this is not what happened as the media is reporting.”

The #RhodesMustFall leader previously made headlines after he posted a message on Facebook about a tipping incident involving a white waitress.

He explained how‚ when Ashleigh Schultz gave him his bill‚ he refused to tip her‚ instead writing on the slip: “We will give tip when you return the land.”

He went on to detail how the waitress began crying. “She sees the note & starts shaking. She leaves us & bursts into typical white tears.” A fund-raising campaign collected money for the waitress‚ which created massive debate on social media.

Qwabe’s recent post relating to the video went on to say that “the video footage clearly shows‚ we were singing peacefully & waiting for the lecture to be officially called off‚ and the students to exit the lecture venue — because the Law Faculty had no business continuing with lectures when we had shut down the rest of the university”.

“Contrary to what our delusional toxic superiority complex tells us‚ we are NOT special as law students! The Law Faculty will continue being shut down like the rest of the university!” Qwabe said.

“Anyways‚ so‚ while singing peacefully‚ the said white student kept video recording us.

“A black womxn I was with repeatedly asked him nicely to stop recording her.

“He then turned the camera my way & I asked him nicely to stop‚” the post said.

Qwabe added that‚ when the student refused to comply‚ he used his “protest stick” which he carries around for “cultural purposes” to push the phone out of the student’s hand.

“He picked it up & continued to video‚ at which point I came closer to him & told him to switch it the f*** off.

“He then kindly put it back onto his pocket & that was that‚” the post said.

“There is no story here‚ and I’m definitely not about to further engage the white media’s meek attempts to found one!

“If anything‚ we should put the white media on perpetual voicemail & not take anything it says on the student movement seriously! Rather rely on firsthand accounts of those on the ground. Otherwise bye‚” Qwabe added.