Talks ongoing to resolve Rhodes issues

About 400 Rhodes University students and staff have gathered at Nehawu offices on campus to find out the union's stance on police actions last night.

The union is threatening a stay away amid claims of police brutality. The situation is tense, the police have been following protesting students around. The students have decided to go to Dr Sizwe Mabizela to discuss last night's incidents by police. Students and union leadership locked in talks.

Students have entered admin building looking for the VC. Breaking water containers in the council chamber where they thought he was meeting. Some have ripped down paintings with masks. The Police are in the admin building. The students plead with the VC to address them. Police arrest one student. Dr Mabizela pleads with the police to march, they claim he is being held hostage by crowd. Situation is very tense. David Macgregor

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