Mother and daughter breakfast bond

With the aim of connecting mothers and daughters, bridging a gap between generations and strengthening mother and daughter relationships, best friends Kwakanya Nazo and Bantu Bungane hosted their first “mother and daughter breakfast” on Saturday morning.

The glamorous event at Legends Showroom in Berea, East London, was attended by 60 mothers and daughters who enjoyed good food and fun activities such as poetry readings and music performances from local Christian hip hop band Living Legacy Movement.

In explaining their reason for hosting the event Nazo, 25, said they believed God had called them for a greater purpose – to create a platform for mothers and their daughters to engage with one another. “We want to connect mothers and daughters so that children grow up knowing they can be free to talk about almost everything with their parents.”

During the breakfast the duos participated in various activities designed to get them to learn more about each other, ways of tackling different situations and communicating better.

Mothers also had the opportunity to engage with other mothers and to share advice.

Guest speaker, visionary and co-founder of Family and Marriage School Dolly Siwundla spoke on the importance of transparency in families and encouraged mothers and daughters to be understanding of one another.

“It is important to be open and transparent with our daughters, so that they can avoid the mistakes we made. Daughters also need to not always demand things but also understand at times that their mothers are trying their ultimate best to be good mothers.”

Ntawa Musesha, who attended the event with her daughter Motya Musesha, 19, said there was a need for such events. She had enjoyed engaging with other mothers and sharing experiences, while also getting advice.

“It has really been wonderful, and getting away from the family and the boys at home has also been refreshing,” she said.

Motya said she had enjoyed being out with her mother, and the event had made her realise how grateful she was for her mother. —

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