Lerato Kganyago slams True Love over Zahara cover with calls of boycott

TV and radio personality Lerato Kganyago has lashed out at True Love magazine after it published a “misleading” and “tasteless” cover line of Zahara on its latest edition.<!--more-->

Zahara took to social media on Monday to call out the publication for associating her name with drugs‚ after their cover line read: “Zahara: marriage‚ drugs and selling records“.


Lerato‚ who had her own run-in with the publication earlier this year‚ took to Twitter on Tuesday to express her outrage at the cover‚ and called on female celebrities to boycott the magazine.

The TV personality herself called out the magazine in May‚ after the magazine released unedited pictures of her‚ which sparked widespread anger.



Lerato said that there was a number of publications that female celebrities could feature on and that True Love would continue to “use” celebrities if they did not stand up for themselves.

“They (True Love magazine) know there are female celebrities who have the mentality of: ‘if it doesn’t happen to me‚ I don’t care’. So they use them!‚” Lerato added.



True Love hogged headlines in May after Lerato slammed the magazine for the excessive use of Photoshop to edit her pictures. The publication responded by releasing unedited pictures of the star‚ which many saw as an attempt to body-shame Lerato.

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