Why is South Africa struggling?

That was the question burning across Twitter on Wednesday as citizens used the platform to vent about the country’s woes.

Perhaps it was a sense of doom and gloom‚ coupled with rising costs of living‚ hikes taxes and political shenanigans.


Who knows how the hashtag #WhySouthAfricaIsStruggling started trending but trend it did.

Many users were witty with their responses‚ while some spoke of poverty‚ corruption and greed as the main factors that have left so many people disenchanted about South Africa.

Here is a selection of some of the reasons bandied about on Twitter.

William Thabakgale from Limpopo said it was because land was still owned by a minority.


Saint Sabotage suggested that citizens turned a blind eye to the behaviour of President Jacob Zuma while he‚ in turn‚ laughed.


Sisanda Marwayi said entrepreneurship skills should be taught in primary schools so that people could launch business start-ups.


A user by the name of Paulcelian said that democracy was not practised in South Africa‚ which claimed to be a democratic country.


Zamahlubi said getting a degree in politics would set a person up for life in the country.

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