Fur flies as cats forced to leave complex

Rose Willer with her cat Tinkerbell. The b ody corporate wants all cats removed Picture: ALAN EASON
Rose Willer with her cat Tinkerbell. The b ody corporate wants all cats removed Picture: ALAN EASON

Cats have been ordered to be removed from flats in Pirates Creek complex in Bonza Bay, even if flat owners agree to let tenants keep them.

This is because cat owners were breaking body corporate rules, Rental Select agent Lynette Poullin said.

Upset cat-loving tenants said they were given 24 hours to get their pets off the premises.

Residents said that not only did the rental agency demand that the cats go, they also served cat owners with 24-hour eviction notices should they fail to comply.

The agency threatened to evict cats and tenants by noon yesterday.

Tenant Rose Wearing said she had received the notice from the agency on Wednesday afternoon giving her until noon the next day to get rid of her cat.

This meant she received less than 24 hours’ notice.

Wearing said she had been living with her cat for three years and had never received a complaint.

She said she had received permission to keep the cat from the owner of the flat to whom she paid her monthly rent.

Wearing said house rules of the body corporate seen by the Daily Dispatch clearly state that residents could keep animals provided they had permission from the flat owners and so long as the animals stayed within their flats.

“I pay my monthly rent to the owner of the flat, not the agency. I received permission from the owner to keep the cat. According to my lease, I have to have at least a year-and-a-half notice not 24 hours.”

“Where am I supposed to take the cat within 24 hours when it is the long weekend?” she asked.

Wearing said they had asked the agency for more time. She had also informed the rental agency that she had permission from the landlord to keep their cat.

Poullin confirmed that they had issued letters to residents to remove their cats from the complex.

Poullin said the rules, which had been effective since 2005, stated that residents were not allowed to keep animals in the complex.

Poullin said this was not the first time they had received reports of tenants illegally keeping animals.

She said the agency had previously sent out letters to tenants, pleading with them to remove their pets.

“Unfortunately, even if residents have acquired permission from their landlords, body corporate rules still govern the complex and they don’t want tenants with animals on the complex.”

“We have communicated with owners to talk to their tenants and they have agreed to do so. Other tenants have agreed to get rid of their cats by today,” she said. — qaqambam@dispatch.co.za

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