Baby ‘Blessing’ now well on road to recovery

After a traumatic entrance into the world the abandoned baby boy found in bushes at Gonubie is doing well, and has been named Blessing by doctors and nurses at Frere Hospital yesterday.

The healthy, day-old baby was found dumped in a black plastic bag with his umbilical cord still attached on Tuesday.

He survived the chilly coastal weather yesterday and thanks to his screams, passers-by found him in time.

Paediatrician Harsha Lochan, who is supervising the baby’s wellbeing, said Blessing was on his way to recovery.

“He was lucky that he was found in time because I think that if he was left a little longer he would have been very cold, which could have developed into hypothermia.”

Frere Hospital CEO Rolene Wagner said he would remain at Frere until investigations were concluded.

“The little boy will first be placed in a place of safety whilst investigations are being conducted.

“Once the investigations have been concluded, foster care or adoption processes may be followed,” Wagner said.

Blessing was brought to the hospital at about midday on Tuesday after a gardener who had been sent by his employer to look for her missing cat in the bushes heard his screams.

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