Big stink in the Karoo over Afrik*kBurn

Several groups who attended this year’s AfrikaBurn have been banned from returning after trashing the Tankwa Karoo.

Festival head Travis Lyle said the “matter out of place” (moop) map compiled after the May event was not pretty. “In fact‚ some of it is downright straight sh***y. Literally.”

A team of “leave no trace” volunteers who spent three weeks picking up after 13‚000 festival-goers found everything from vomit and carpets to cigarette ends and glitter.

But “the grossest manifestation of all was excrement in bags”‚ Lyle said in the latest edition of the festival newsletter.

“Beside the obvious health hazard‚ expecting someone else to pick up your k*k is just not how people in a caring community act‚” said Lyle.

The moop map colour-coded camps according to the state they had been left in. “There are a few red spots that won’t see the same camps return. If you’re red you’re dead.”

Lyle also castigated campers for failing to fill in drainage trenches‚ for turning the Tankwa into mud with careless disposal of greywater and for dumping trash on the R355‚ the gravel road back to civilisation. The clean-up crew gathered 50 piles of festival rubbish along the road‚ he said.

Next year‚ vehicles would be checked as they left AfrikaBurn to ensure their loads were secure.

Source: TMG Digital.