Driver flees after his taxi hits and kills two children in Mdantsane

A Mdantsane taxi driver is on the run after fleeing the scene of a crash that left two children dead and another critically injured.

The accident occurred shortly after 12pm on the Qumza Highway a few metres from the NU1 police station.

Witnesses on the scene said the driver of a Quantum taxi travelling in the direction of Mdantsane was allegedly trying to overtake other vehicles when he lost control of his taxi.

The taxi veered off the road and hit three girls - aged between seven and nine - who at the time were selling sweats at the pedestrian walkway. It continued on a downward slope and crashed into a shack and continued until it crashed and rested on a cliff.

In the taxi was a driver and his conductor who emerged uninjured before fleeing the scene.

Two of the children died on the scene and the third one was rushed to Cecilia Makiwane Hospital.

Police are currently on the scene.

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