Victim irate docket left in taxi: Saga solved after cop explains it fell out of his bag

The mystery of how a police docket in connection with a house break-in ended up in a taxi has been solved.

It has emerged that the investigating officer in the case, a Captain Ngcatshe (whose first name was unavailable), who was in possession of the docket, is the nephew of the taxi operator, Nomawethu Ngcatshe, and at times drives the vehicle to work and back.

The docket apparently fell out of the officer’s work backpack.

The taxi owner said yesterday she should have known better before contacting Pumela Shadrack, informing her of the docket.

Shadrack’s Mdantsane NU14 house was broken into on March 31 and clothing valued at R55000, which she sells, was stolen. Her R5800 laptop was also stolen.

No one has been arrested in connection with the case.

Shadrack received the shock of her life on Monday when Nomawethu called her to inform her about the docket left in the taxi.

Nomawethu had obtained Shadrack’s contact details from the docket, which has witness statements and court records.

Nomawethu thought a commuter had left the docket in her taxi.

“I was not aware it is my nephew’s docket because the case was registered under Inyibiba and he works in the provincial police office.”

Shadrack said Captain Ngcatshe visited her home yesterday to collect the docket.

“He apologised and said he wants the docket back. I refused to give it to him. This is absolute negligence what he did,” Shadrack said.

“He told me his work cupboard does not lock and so he takes the dockets with him everywhere he goes.

“He has really failed me.

“I told him that it is too late because this matter was already in the papers and there is nothing he can do about it,” Shadrack said.

Meanwhile, the provincial police office has launched an independent internal inquiry to establish how the docket ended up in the hands of the complainant. — zwangam@

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