BCM warns residents of power scamsters

The Buffalo City Metro municipality has issued a public warning to its residents on a syndicate defrauding power large and small electricity users in the metro.

According to BCM, the syndicate of "known individuals" purporting to be from power untility Eskom is going around scamming power users that it can save them electricity costs by tampering with metering equipment.

To this end, BCM warned its residents not to fall for the scam for it would recover the stolen electricity from them.

"It must be brought to the general public's attention that these people do not work for Eskom and the net result of their actions is to tamper with BCMM's installed metering equipment," reads the municipality's notice published in today's Dispatch.

"They then ask the BCMM customer for a known fee of up to R60 000 for large power users (LPUs) and R25 000 for small power users (SPUs) based on the monthly saving to the customer."

The municipality cautioned residents who willingly fall for the scam that they too would face the full might of the law.

It went on to say that meter tampering actions were affecting the municipality's cash-flow income and therefore ultimately affecting service delivery.

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