ANC stalwarts want Makhosi Khoza to reconsider her resignation

ANC stalwarts say outspoken politician Dr Makhosi Khoza should reconsider her decision to leave the ruling party.

Khoza announced on Thursday that she would be leaving the party. Explaining her departure‚ she said “aliens” had overrun the ANC‚ which was being crippled by corruption.

In a statement‚ ANC stalwarts and veterans who were signatories of the “For the Sake of Our Future” document said Khoza should have remained in the party. The 100 stalwarts and veterans include Trevor Manuel‚ Frank Chikane‚ Cheryl Carolus‚ Denis Goldberg and Albertina Luthuli.

“As stalwarts‚ we note the decision of Comrade Makhosi Khoza to resign from the ANC. She has shown a principled position above self-interest in the way she has approached her responsibilities within Parliament‚” the stalwarts said.

“However‚ we believe that her decision‚ while understandable‚ was not the correct one and she should carefully reconsider her decision.”

The stalwarts said Khoza joins “many thousand ANC members who have either resigned from the ANC‚ or more often let their membership lapse because they believe they can no longer be associated with the unacceptable behaviour of a leadership that places self-enrichment above the historical mission‚ policies and practices of the ANC.”

They said although Khoza’s decision was rational‚ they call on all honest members of the party to stay and join together.

“If honest members of the ANC either leave or are silent the legacy that will be remembered will not be the role played in the liberation struggle‚ our constitutional democracy and the development of a social welfare system‚ but the stench of corruption‚” the stalwarts said.

“We cannot allow an ever-increasing vacuum to be created‚ to be only filled by those who want to use and abuse their membership‚ to steal the future of our country from our children and youth. We must re-find our collective voices that will again mobilise a country sickened by what they see.”

Source: TMG Digital.

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