Comic gets serious about his branding: TD Jokes releases electronic book, sharing tips

TD Jokes
TD Jokes
Eastern Cape comedian TD Jokes has launched an electronic book aimed at equipping his followers with skills on how to build a personal brand.

The former radio presenter released the book titled Thou Shalt Build Thy Personal Brand this week at the Beacon Bay Library.

“It’s basically about personal branding lessons I have learnt over the years in the entertainment industry as a comedian.

“Some of those lessons I learnt from my mentors and through study and research,” he said.

The King William’s Town-born comedian, whose real name is Thembinkosi Dike, said he started giving public talks about the subject before even writing the book.

“I’ve always gone the extra mile in assisting people on ways to work on their brands and how they can position themselves for what they want to achieve in life,” the comedian said.

He started writing on the subject in 2014 and has given numerous talks on branding to various organisations and students.

“As my passion for branding grew, I started doing consultations for individuals wanting to build their brands.

“I then realised I have so much material I can share ... So the book is a compilation of those lessons, my talks and conversations I have had with my clients,” he said.

He draws inspiration from the entertainment industry.

“If I had understood from an early age that I am a brand, I believe I would have been far in life because that means I would have identified who I am and what my purpose is before discovering a whole lot of other things that contribute in distorting your self-view.

“ ... it has helped me to make some necessary changes in my life in terms of how I carry myself and things I do on a day-to-day basis.”

Dike has been doing stand-up comedy for the past six years and also has worked as a journalist for a number of community newspapers and an online publication in Johannesburg.

“Most people know me as a stand-up comedian. Not many people know me as an author, public speaker, mentor and branding consultant,” he said.

There is little humour to be found in his book.

“It’s aimed at anyone who has the desire to discover what is it that sets them apart from the rest. It’s as serious as it sounds.”

His book is available on Amazon. —