Zoleka Mandela cleared by doctors after cancer scare

Zoleka Mandela is cancer free. Picture VIA INSTAGRAM
Zoleka Mandela is cancer free. Picture VIA INSTAGRAM
Zoleka Mandela has let out a sigh of relief after oncologists confirmed that a lump detected in her chest three weeks ago was not cancerous.

The author and activist who has battled cancer twice before said she decided to keep the discovery of the lump under wraps‚ because she did not want her family to panic.

"I found a lump in my chest just over three weeks ago whilst performing a breast self exam‚ I didn't want everyone panicking so I kept quiet! My day one (my grandmother) got to my appointment today‚ before I did because she was panicking‚" Zoleka revealed.

She said that she was totally relieved when her oncologist confirmed the lump was benign.

"I do not have breast cancer for the 3rd time after beating it twice‚ I simply have fat necrosis which presents itself like a lump - there's a bit of pain and discomfort but all it is‚ is dead fat tissue in the area where an 19 gram tumour was last removed. It's caused by a combination of surgery and radiation‚ usually occurs six months after treatment‚" Zoleka explained.

Zoleka who has openly spoken on social media about her battles with cancer has fought off the disease twice before.

Source: TMG Digital.

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