Case against rape accused in 'Lion Mama' case postponed

The two men accused of raping the daughter of the "Lion Mama" appeared briefly in the Lady Frere Magistrate's Court today.

The case was postponed to October 30 for further investigation.

The pair are accused of raping a 27-year-old woman whose mother allegedly stormed inside a house, found her daughter being gang-raped and stabbed the men. A third men who was also stabbed in the incident subsequently died.

The Zwartwater mother, 56, made headlines a few weeks ago when she was hailed a h when she allegedly stormed inside a house to find the three men with her 27-year old daughter earlyin the first week of this month was allegedly being gang raped.

She then allegedly stabbed all three men, with her actions being hailed all across as bravery.  Criminal charges against her were withdrawn. A crowdfunding page raised tens of thousands of thousands of rands in support of the woman.

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