Rapists slapped with 25 years in jail

Tsomo rapist Sonwabile Masebe, 27, has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for the rape of a 41-year-old woman.

Masebe received his sentence in the Tsomo Regional Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, said SAPS spokesman Captain Jackson Manatha.

He said: “He met the woman on the evening of July 4 2015 at Dudumashe Village, Ngqamakhwe. He attempted to persuade the victim to fall in love with him but his advances were rejected by the woman.

“He then began to assault the woman and dragged her to his home where he locked the victim in his room and raped her. The victim was released from the room the next morning. A case of rape was then opened.”

The case was worked by the Butterworth Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) which traced and arrested Masebe.

  • In another case, Thukela Myekeni, 25, was sentenced by the Butterworth Regional Magistrate’s Court to 25 years in jail for the rape of a six-year-old girl. “Myekeni was sentenced on Tuesday October 10 2017 in Butterworth. He was sentenced after being convicted of raping the young girl. The victim was raped on October 5 2015 during the day at Mchubakazi Township, Butterworth,” said Manatha.

Manatha said Myekeni was also arrested by the Butterworth FCS Unit after the case was registered at the Msobomvu Police Station.

Brigadier Trevor Mey, Butterworth Cluster Commander, congratulated the Butterworth FCS Unit for their sterling work.

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