Residents shocked at foetus find in refuse bag

Dorchester Heights residents were shocked to learn that a foetus had been discovered in a refuse bag on a property in their neighbourhood early this morning.

Captain Nkosikho Mzuku, of the SAPS, said: “This morning police were called to a house where the alleged foetus was found. Cambridge police are investigating a concealment of death.

“The gruesome discovery was made by a man looking for something to eat in a refuse bag. He did so after asking permission from the property owners as the refuse was still inside their yard.

“He later notified the owners about the discovery of the foetus covered in a bag and dumped in the waste."

Captain Mluleki Mbi, of the SAPS, said: “Police interviewed the tenants and a woman took responsibility for the incident.

“Police will await the postmortem results, which will reveal if this was an abortion or miscarriage, before sending the docket to the public prosecutor for a decision.”

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