South Africans opting for staycations over the Christmas period while taking advantage of festice season deals:Retailer

South Africans are now opting for staycations over the Christmas period and are only taking their vacations a bit later than usual.

This is according to Pick n Pay store data which shows that people are taking their vacations a bit later than in previous years.

And as they opt to spend time at home‚ families are taking advantage of festive season deals to celebrate at home.

“In the lead up to Christmas we usually notice shopping behaviour shift from inland areas‚ especially Gauteng‚ to coastal regions as many of our customers travel to the coast for their year-end holiday. But this year‚ we’re seeing this shift happening a bit later‚” said Pick n Pay’s head of marketing John Bradshaw.

According to Bradshaw‚ many South Africans are choosing to celebrate at home and take advantage of the various Christmas deals offered over the period before heading off on holiday.

“We’ve just broken our record for the most mince pies ever sold in a Festive Season – and we’ve still got a few days to go before Christmas‚ he added.

The retailer says its Christmas countdown deals‚ which include gammon and roasts (beef‚ lamb‚ and pork) and its wine range have proved popular with customers.

“For those treating themselves at home‚ premium Italian cakes and chocolates have been popular‚ as have an exciting range of artisanal gins and mixers. Special packs of pork belly and stuffed duck have also proved enticing for those celebrating at home.”

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