Year in Review: Zahara's eventful 2017

From calling off her engagement to finding love again and venturing into business‚ Zahara has had one rollercoaster of a year. 

After being hogged by swirling rumours‚ Zahara confirmed in July that she and radio DJ‚ Amaza Ntshanga had split after being together for over five years.

The couple got engaged in June last year and had been planning their wedding‚ however the singer said that they both wanted different things.

"I don't want to talk about the break-up because it was an emotional time for me. I just needed a real man and he wasn't the right one for me. He is the best at what he does and I don't want his private life to impact on his career. He simply couldn't love me the way I wanted because he was not right for me‚" she said at the time.

Going through a split is never easy for anyone‚ and as Zahara tried to pick up the pieces‚ she unexpectedly met her current man‚ Ian Sihle.

Three months after her split from Amaza love came knocking on Zahara's door. She said that even though she was scared of the way she felt about Ian at first‚ in the end love won and she embraced it.

"We started speaking but after a few weeks I realised that I was in love. I was scared of those feelings and told him that it was too soon. Little did I know he would take the next plane to East London to come see me. He surprised me at the door with flowers. I knew then that I just needed to embrace love and let it happen."


In October Zahara released her highly-anticipated album‚ Mgodi which went gold within the first 24 hours of its release.

For an album to be certified gold 150‚000 copies need to be sold.

“I have always tried to tell my story through my albums. I told people to not listen to what was being said about me‚ but to listen to my story through my music.

“Most people who read the reports read them because they are concerned about me.”


Another big highlight of Zahara's year that left fans surprised was when she announced that she had started a money lending and taxi business.

Zahara said she was inspired to start her business after she heard numerous complaints about the way money lending companies and taxi bosses ran their businesses.

The singer saw a gap in the market and grabbed the opportunity.

"Loan sharks are doing the wrong thing. They are providing loans and then demanding money back at (a) huge interest (rate). I want to change the way people lend money. It is the same with taxis. I remember riding in taxis and thinking how it could be so much better if one or two things were changed."

In the end Zahara took the challenges in her stride and it all worked out.

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