MEC suggests renaming school after little Lumka

Lumka Mkhethwa fell in a pit toilet in March this year Picture: FILE
Lumka Mkhethwa fell in a pit toilet in March this year Picture: FILE
Luna Primary School in Bizana should be named after Lumka Mkhethwa, in honour of the five-year-old pupil who died after falling into a pit latrine at the school.

This was a suggestion made by education MEC Mandla Makupula

The MEC was speaking to church leaders, the staff at the school, as well as community members, including Lumka’s parents, who attended a prayer service held at the school yesterday.

Lumka, who was a Grade R pupil, went missing on March 12 and was found dead inside the school’s pit latrine the following day.

Makupula also shared some detail on what might have transpired on the day of the tragedy.

According to Makupula, the school was a hive of activity as school governing body (SGB) elections were taking place on the day the little girl fell into the pit latrine.

There was only one teacher looking after the two Grade R classes.

“No one knows what happened for sure, but from the report that I have received, the two Grade R teachers decided to combine their classes and take turns watching them as the other joined the SGB elections.

“I suspect the little girl might have slipped out of the classroom and gone to the toilet while the one teacher went out to call the other teacher to take her turn to look after the pupils. Both the teachers said they did not see the pupil leave the classroom,” said Makupula.

The MEC also shared some of the developments made to prevent such a tragedy from reoccurring.

“We have appointed someone to look after the Grade R pupils by accompanying them to the toilets and to ensure their safety on the school premises.”

According to the department, four mobile toilets were provided by EnviroLoo to the school to use for three months while permanent toilets are being erected. —

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