Employer's promises end hospital guards' strike

Cecilia Makiwane Xhobani security guards are back at work
Cecilia Makiwane Xhobani security guards are back at work
Image: File

Cecilia Makiwane Hospital’s security guards have called off their strike and are back at work today.

This comes after the SA Security and Allied Workers Union signed an agreement with Xhobani Security Services, union general secretary Xolile Mashukuca confirmed.

The 89 guards embarked on an unprotected strike last week, alleging victimisation, unfair treatment, unfair labour practices and gender discrimination from a supervisor, which they said the company had failed to address.

Mashukuca said the supervisor would be removed from the premises pending investigation.

“We requested he be put on leave or taken to another site while there is an investigation on him and we will act on the outcomes and recommendations of that report.”

He said another investigation would look into allegations of unauthorised deductions from some guards’ wages and other grievances.

“Staff is not allowed to leave the hospital premises to buy food outside during lunch but we told the management of the company that they have nothing to do with where employees choose to spend their lunch time,” Mashukuca said.

Xhobani Security Services manager Carl Lonn said the investigation against the supervisor would begin next week.

“In the interest of justice we appointed an independent person to investigate the allegations employees are making.

“We are in talks with the hospital to put the manager on leave until the investigation is finished,” he said.

While Lonn said the guards had returned to work, he said they had all been slapped with final written warnings for embarking on an illegal strike. Mashukuca confirmed this

“We spoke with the workers and they are aware that they were wrong,” he said.