UPDATE | BCM hits out at taxi operators bus blockade

BCM has condemned the bizarre scenes by taxi operators that took place at the Windmill bus terminus in East London on Wednesday.

BCM spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya issued out a statement condemning taxi drivers for “taking the law into their own hands when there are clear laws like the Road Traffic Act that deal with issues of transportation in the country”.“When it comes to bus and taxi operators, Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality does not issue any bus and taxi permits and licences however we have an obligation to enforce the law especially within our jurisdiction,” said Ngwenya.

On Wednesday, about 50 taxi drivers blockaded buses accusing them of over-booking passengers and leaving the taxi industry short of customers. The taxi drivers, from various associations, searched the buses, inspected operating licences and permits and even checked the validity of bus drivers' licences.

Ngwenya said the Metro is facing a challenge of buses that are turning the “Windmill stop into a depot”. “It is important for buses to stick to their operating timetables and we are going to be ensuring that this is the case, guided by the Eastern Cape Province and SAPS.Moving forward, we will be having a meeting today with police and Department of Transport and all key governance stakeholders to join forces and find ways of managing this situation,” said Ngwenya.