Port Elizabeth school safe blown up by burglars

A file photo of a detector dog.
detector dog alerts his handler that the man’s luggage is suspicious. Picture: SARS A file photo of a detector dog.
Image: SARS

High school pupils at the St Marks Community School in Port Elizabeth are being sent home following an overnight robbery in which explosives were used to blow open an office safe.

Police – including the explosives unit – have been on the scene since early on Thursday‚ cordoning off the entrance and using dogs to search the premises for a secondary device.

The suspects climbed into the building and ripped the alarm system out of the wall.

The K9 unit explosives detection dog was used to comb the building to look for other suspicious devices or unused explosives.

School principal Reverend Andrew Lamont-Turner said the situation was under control.

“The primary [school] is back in class already and the high school learners are being sent home as the police are planning to be on the scene for a while‚” he said.

“At the moment they [high school pupils] are in the church.”

Lamont-Turner said they would only be able to determine later‚ once they were allowed back inside the admin building‚ what had been stolen and the extent of the damage.