BCM councillor’s family in hiding after home attacked

BCM ward councilor Nomonde Moyikwa.
BCM ward councilor Nomonde Moyikwa.
Image: Supplied

A Buffalo City Metro councillor had to send her family into hiding after unknown people petrol-bombed her Mdantsane home on Friday morning.

Nomonde Moyikwa, a Ward 30 councillor, told DispatchLive that the incident occurred at about 1am on Friday.

“I was half asleep while my two daughters aged 32 and 26 were watching TV. I heard something smashing the front window, and immediately thereafter another bottle hit my bedroom wall. Smoke fumes engulfed the entire house as curtains and sofa in my main lounge had caught fire,” said Moyikwa.

She said police were called in as neighbours helped to douse the fire. “I am still shaking, that is why I sent my children into hiding as I am still waiting for police to conduct their investigation.”  

She said her rivals “always accuse me about all sorts of things without producing evidence”.

Moyikwa is accused of hiring people from other areas as contract workers as the Metro is busy fixing potholes in the area. She confirmed that her “enemies” confiscated construction tools from workers on Tuesday.

“They are accusing me of hiring friends and that is not the case. I’m afraid that this now threatens the wellbeing of my family,” she said.

There is an ongoing case filed in the Mdantsane magistrate’s court after angry protesters threw faeces at the door of Moyikwa ’s house in May.

Two community members appeared in the Mdantsane magistrate’s court in June.

The story is developing.