WATCH | Municipal workers filmed picking up rubbish and throwing it over home owner's gate

The two workers have black plastics bags around their waists but these are not being used for the rubbish: instead the footage shows one of the workers sweeping the rubbish to the side while the other picks it up and throws it inside a yard - repeatedly.

Ridwaan Dawood said on Facebook‚ "Lol she's doing her job. Cleaning the pavement as instructed. They did not tell her not to throw the rubbish into somebody else's yard."

Another user said the footage needed to be taken to officials.

"This video needs be sent to the municipality. This worker gets paid to clean the public spaces. It's her job description. Regardless of who littered‚ it is still litter that needs to be picked up‚" said Michelle Chetty. The workers were also accused of using the plastic bags for their personal gain.

"And then they sell these bags privately as extra income. I hope that the person recording this made an attempt to report it‚" said Iman Sather on Facebook.

Some questioned if the home owner was partly to blame for failing to secure the rubbish in bins for the municipal truck to collect‚ but this was countered by others who commented that informal recyclers often scattered refuse while going through bins.

Social media users stated the video was filmed in Pietermaritzburg.

The municipality officials there are being contacted for comment.

Source: TMG Digital.