More speakers for ‘Battle of Manifestos’

More speakers have been added to the list of political parties that will debate their manifestos at what promises to be an interesting Dispatch Dialogues series on Wednesday evening.

The dialogue, under the theme “Battle of Manifestos” is in partnership with NGO Afesis-corplan.

Nelvis Qekema of Azapo and PAC leader Sandla Goqwana are the latest additions to speakers who will present their manifestos at the Calvary Christian Church in Quigney, East London.

ANC provincial chair Oscar Mabuyane, DA provincial leader Nqaba Bhanga, EFF national chair Dali Mpofu and UDM president Bantu Holomisa, will articulate what they promise the electorate going into May 8 general and provincial polls.

Political analyst Dr Somadoda Fekeni will be the moderator for the dialogue.

Afesis-corplan executive director Nontando Ngamlana said the dialogue on the party’s manifestos was vital because ordinary members and supporters of political parties did not usually read manifestos.

“An ordinary person does not read the full document but yet in the manifesto political parties put forward their policy positions. We want to pull out the policy positions and to allow the public to interrogate what is within these manifestos,” Ngamlana said.

“We want to simplify these complex big documents to a level of a conversation and look with a magnifying glass at these policy positions.”

She said the dialogue would also look into giving voters ammunition to make an informed decision when casting their votes.

“The idea behind it is to get people to vote from an informed position.

“Voting is not just the process of putting your X, but also about following your vote after putting your X,” she said.

The Dispatch editor Chiara Carter echoed similar sentiments, saying the dialogue was also to promote engagement between the political parties and their constituencies.

“Since 2011 the Dispatch Dialogues have been providing our community with a chance to engage in critical dialogue regarding the future of our country.

“In an age of fake news it is all the more important for the public to get a chance directly to hear about political parties’ manifestos and quiz prominent politicians on key aspects of policy,” Carter said.